SAFMORIL brings together linguists as well as researchers and developers in the area of computational morphology and its application during language processing. It operates as a distributed virtual centre supported by CLARIN member institutions: FIN-CLARINUniversity of Helsinki and CSC, Finland; CLARINOUniversity of Tromsø, Norway, CLARIN-LVInstitute of Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of Latvia and CLARIN-LTVytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. The Tour de CLARIN article introduces to SAFMORIL as CLARIN K-centre. 

The Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries DHN 2020 conference took place from October, 21 till October, 23, 2020. Before the conference, the CLARIN workshop “Twin Talks 2: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration in DH at DHN 2020” was organised by CLARIN ERIC. During the conference the participants were introduced with CLARIN-LV repository, the language resources and tools in the repository and the SAFMORIL knowledge centre. The overview of  CLARIN-LV activities is summarized in the conference proceedings publication CLARIN in Latvia: From the Preparatory Phase to the Construction Phase and Operation.

On 5 March 2020 the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science organized conference "Digital Latvian Language Resources and Tools in Common Research Infrastructure". The conference attracted more than 40 participants from different universities and research centrs. During the conference representatives Krister Linden (University of Helsinki) and Kadri Vider (University of Tartu) shared their experience in the construction and use of CLARIN infrastructure while the Latvian researchers presented novel achievements in the development of digital language resources. The conferences ended with introduction on CLARIN-LV repository. Conference presentations are available from here.

The CLARIN Annual conference 2020 took place from October 7 till October 9. This year the conference was organized as virtual event allowing to gather almost 500 registered participants, including 8 participants from Latvia.  

In the CLARIN Students session Iveta Kopankina, PhD student of the University of Liepāja and the Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, introduced to her PhD research on PhD thesis summary texts (Iveta Kopankina. A Contrastive Study of Management Science. Thesis Summary Texts in English and Latvian). While in a workshop CLARIN for Teachers, Inguna Skadina (IMCS UL) presented Latvia's experience in the use of digital language resources in teaching (Inguna Skadiņa, Ilze Auziņa and Baiba Saulīte. CLARIN in the Classroom: Case of Latvia.).


The CLARIN Annual Conference took place in Leipzig from September, 30 till October, 2. This year representatives from the Institute of Literature, Folklore and arts (University of Latvia), the Institute of Mathematics and Computers Science (the University of Latvia, IMCS UL), the University of Latvia and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia participated in conference. The National Coordinator Forum and meetings of CLARIN Committees, as well as several workshops, took place before the conference. During the conference Inga Kaija (IMCS UL / Riga Stradins University)presented her study on problems related to the protection of personal data in case of collection of learner corpus. (Inga Kaija and Ilze Auziņa. Data collection for learner corpus of Latvian: copyright and personal data protection.).

Representatives of Latvia at CLARIN 2019 conference